Negoescu A, Östör AJK. Early recognition improves prognosis in elderly onset RA. Practitioner 2014;258 (1767)11-14

Early recognition improves prognosis in elderly onset RA

22 Jan 2014Pais-up subscribers

Age at onset is particularly relevant in RA as the presentation may differ in elderly onset RA (EORA) compared with young onset RA (YORA). Patients with EORA frequently report a more acute presentation, especially if positive for rheumatoid factor (RF). Fever, fatigue and weight loss appear to be more common in EORA. Although small joints are most frequently involved in the RA population overall, there is common involvement of large joints in EORA and these proximal symptoms may mimic polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR). [With external links to the evidence base]

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