Photo quiz

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By Dr Nigel Stollery

Eye conditions part 2

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By Dr Nigel Stollery

Eye conditions part 1

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By Dr Nigel Stollery

Vascular problems

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By Dr Nigel Stollery

Allergic reactions part 2

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By Dr Nigel Stollery

Allergic reactions part 1

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By Dr Nigel Stollery

June 2008: Sun exposure

18 Jun 2008Registered users

  • Solar lentigines
  • Actinic keratoses
  • Sunburn
  • Polymorphic light eruption
  • Bowen's disease
  • Solar urticaria
  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Malignant melanoma

May 2008: Tongue problems

21 May 2008Paid-up subscribers

1 Scarlet fever 2 Ranula 3 Geographic tongue 4 Leukoplakia 5 Angiooedema 6 Recurrent aphthous ulceration 7 Lingual thyroid 8 Black tongue

April 2008: Infestations

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Roundworm Head lice Tick Threadworm Lava Migrans Scabies Lyme disease Maggots

March 2008: Hand problems

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1 Acromegaly 2 Dupuytren's contracture 4 Erythema multiforme 4 Pompholyx 5 Mallet finger 6 Digital mucoid cyst 7 Pyogenic granuloma 8 Raynaud's disease 9 Vitiligo 10 Palmoplantar keratoderma

November 2007: Iatrogenic conditions

01 Nov 2007Paid-up subscribers

How can perioral dermatitis be distinguished from acne vulgaris? What are the treatment options for a keloid scar? What conditions are associated with steroid use?

October 2007: Foot problems

01 Oct 2007Paid-up subscribers

Which foot conditions have biomechanical causes? How do eczema and psoriasis present on the foot? What improves juvenile plantar dermatosis?

August 2007: Nail problems may indicate systemic disease

01 Aug 2007Paid-up subscribers

How can fungal or candidal nail infections be distinguished? What causes colour change in nails? What causes nails to ridge and thicken?

July 2007: Scalp and hair problems

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How can you distinguish scalp psoriasis from seborrhoeic dermatitis? What diagnoses should you consider with focal hair loss? How should you manage scalp naevi and keratoses?

May 2007: Lower limb lesions

01 May 2007Paid-up subscribers

What is the place of laser therapy in lower limb problems? How can maggots be used therapeutically? How has the management of varicose veins changed?

May 2007: Skin changes may herald systemic disease

01 May 2007Paid-up subscribers

Which skin conditions suggest metabolic problems or malignancy? How often do such skin changes occur without underlying disease? When should patients with skin changes be referred?

April 2007: Fungal infections

01 Apr 2007Paid-up subscribers

How important is microbiology in the confirmation of fungal infection? Which therapies are most effective and for how long should they be used? What is the best approach for refractory fungal infections?

March 2007: Eczema

01 Mar 2007Paid-up subscribers

What features clearly distinguish different types of eczema? When should strong steroids be avoided? When might 'eczema' be phytodermatitis?

February 2007: Psoriasis

01 Feb 2007Paid-up subscribers

What are the different manifestations of psoriasis? How can nail psoriasis be accurately identified and treated? How is psoriatic arthropathy best managed?