April 2008: Improving pain detection in older patients

23 Apr 2008Paid-up subscribers

How does pain present differently in older patients? How should pain be assessed in primary care? What is the key to providing adequate analgesia?

April 2008: Awareness key in managing depression in later life

23 Apr 2008Paid-up subscribers

How common is depression in older people? What screening tools are recommended? Which patients are at risk of suicide?

April 2007: Managing disorders of the ageing eye

01 Apr 2007Paid-up subscribers

What are the normal age-related changes to the eye? When should a patient with a cataract be referred for surgery? What new treatments are available for age-related maculopathy?

April 2007: Identifying risk can reduce fall rates

01 Apr 2007Paid-up subscribers

Can primary care screening for falls in the elderly make a difference? Are the NICE guidelines on falls relevant to primary care? When should GPs consider referral to a specialist falls service?

April 2007: Investigating and treating dementia in primary care

01 Apr 2007Paid-up subscribers

When should dementia be suspected in a patient presenting with memory problems? When should a patient with memory problems be referred to secondary care? Which patients with dementia should be started on cholinesterase inhibitors?