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Saul P. Can nicotine preloading help smokers quit? Practitioner July/Aug 2018;262(1817):9

Can nicotine preloading help smokers quit?

25 Jul 2018Registered users

The use of a nicotine patch before quitting may have a modest effect on abstinence, a large pragmatic randomised trial has found. A total of 1,792 adults were enrolled from Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, and London. All were daily smokers with tobacco dependence. The investigators concluded: ‘Nicotine preloading with a 21 mg/24 hr nicotine patch for four weeks seems to be efficacious, safe, and well tolerated, but probably deters the use of varenicline, the most effective smoking cessation drug. If it were possible to overcome this unintended consequence, preloading could lead to a worthwhile increase in long term smoking abstinence.’


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