Can nicotine preloading help smokers quit?

25 Jul 2018Registered users

The use of a nicotine patch before quitting may have a modest effect on abstinence, a large pragmatic randomised trial has found. A total of 1,792 adults were enrolled from Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, and London.

Quitting smoking improves survival in patients with lung cancer

22 Mar 2018Registered users

Patients with lung cancer who stop smoking have lower all cause mortality rates compared with those who continue to smoke, a UK retrospective cohort study has found.

Smoking cessation services for inpatients could help more than a million smokers

15 Dec 2014Registered users

Offering smokers admitted to hospital behavioural support and pharmacotherapy could help reduce smoking rates significantly, a national audit in England has shown.

E-cigarettes help smokers to quit

23 Oct 2014Paid-up subscribers

Early evidence suggests that e-cigarettes help smokers interested in quitting to stop or cut down, a systematic review has found.

Stop smoking services helping significantly more smokers to quit

23 Sep 2013Paid-up subscribers

Smoking cessation services in England have trebled their impact in helping smokers to give up over the past decade, a study has found. However, a wide variation across local services was noted. The researchers analysed the performance of stop smoking services across England from 2001/02 to 2010/11, asking the questions: How has the performance of the services changed? How well have the services met the needs of different groups including economically disadvantaged smokers? How much local variation has there been in success rates?

Plain cigarette packs can alter smokers’ behaviour

25 Jul 2013Paid-up subscribers

Two recent studies have added to the growing body of evidence that suggests that plain packaging can make smoking less appealing, reduce cigarette consumption and encourage plans to quit.

Women who quit before 40 significantly improve mortality risk

23 May 2013Paid-up subscribers

Women who give up smoking before the age of 40 reduce their excess mortality risk by 90% and those who stop before 30 by > 97%, results from the Million Women Study have shown.

Varenicline not associated with increased cardiovascular risk

21 Mar 2013Paid-up subscribers

A large nationwide study in Denmark has found no increase in the risk of cardiovascular events with the use of varenicline compared with bupropion.

Smoking doubles risk of depression

19 Nov 2008Paid-up subscribers

This study suggests that we should encourage our depressed patients to stop smoking once they have achieved remission. However, we need to be aware that, by emphasising the role of lifestyle factors in depression, we may unwittingly make patients feel responsible for their illness, adding to their sense of guilt.

Smoking linked to endothelial dysfunction in pregnancy

18 Jun 2008Paid-up subscribers

Obstetrics and gynaecology

Telling smokers their 'lung age' doubles quit rates

23 Apr 2008Paid-up subscribers

Using spirometry to calculate patients’ ‘lung age’ is a powerful motivator to stop smoking.

NRT doubles quit rates

01 Dec 2007Paid-up subscribers

Smoking cessation

Smoking increases risk of stillbirth

01 Jul 2007Paid-up subscribers

Obstetrics and gynaecology