The Practitioner 1868-2008: supporting GPs for 140 years

10 Sep 2008Paid-up subscribers

 "A hundred and forty years later we are still striving to meet the needs of busy GPs by providing in-depth but concise practical articles"


Toolkit will help GPs detect children at risk of abuse

21 May 2008Paid-up subscribers

The toolkit can be downloaded free from the RCGP website. It contains advice on features that might raise concerns of possible abuse and lists relevant Read codes

Supporting doctors with mental health problems

23 Apr 2008Paid-up subscribers

'Compared with consultant physicians, we are more than three times as likely to commit suicide. GPs have the highest incidence of work-related mental ill health of any profession, with a rate more than 15 times the overall average.'

No evidence for MMR-ASD link

01 Mar 2008Paid-up subscribers

There is now an overwhelming body of evidence that has found no link between MMR and autism but controversy over MMR vaccination has had significant consequences for MMR uptake in the UK.

GPs key in detecting psychosis

23 Jan 2008Registered users

A GP's willingness to act on clinical intuition and respond to family concerns can be key to early detection