The Practitioner -CPD December 2010

20 Dec 2010

CPD for the December 2010 issue on rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, the editorial on alcohol consumption, and clinical reviews on urology, sexual health, and obstetrics and gynaecology

The Practitioner - CPD November 2010

24 Nov 2010

COPD, URTI, heart failure, mental health and sexual health.

The Practitioner - CPD October 2010

20 Oct 2010

Colorectal cancer, pancreatitis,  and periprosthetic joint infection form the subjects of the CPD exercise in the October issue of The Practitioner.

Practitioner CPD - September 2010

21 Sep 2010

Myasthenia gravis, vertigo, chlamydia infection, and changes to the notification system in the UK. And the opportunity for UK GP appraisers, trainers, and GPs in general to  comment on and improve the usefulness of The Practitioner's monthly CPD exercise.

The Practitioner CPD July/August 2010

29 Aug 2010

Urinary tract infection in children, constipation in children, neuopathic pain, MI and passive smoking. Also the clinical reviews on urine cytology and also prostate cancer.

Practitioner CPD exercise June 2010

21 Jun 2010

Chest pain, unstable angina and NSTEMI, GMC (UK) and end of life care guidance, one year mortality after MI and prostate cancer

Practitioner CPD exercise May 2010

30 May 2010Paid-up subscribers

Bipolar depression, Borderline personality syndrome, passive smoking, editorial (working population), clinical reviews (obesity, sleep disturbance).

Practitioner CPD exercise April 2010

15 Apr 2010Paid-up subscribers

CPD form is available as a PDF and there is a link to the archive for the content of the April issue. Pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, ADHD, Editorial (group CBT and back pain), clinical reviews.

Practitioner CPD exercise - March 2010

15 Mar 2010Paid-up subscribers

CPD on the March issue. Premature menopause, urinary incontinence, Ramsey Hunt syndrome and  maternal obesity (HAPO study)

Practitioner CPD exercise February

15 Feb 2010Paid-up subscribers

February issue: Prostate cancer, urological disorders, stroke, editorial (Gout).  

Practitioner CPD exercise - January 2010

15 Jan 2010Paid-up subscribers

From the January issue: joint pain in the elderly;cognitive decline;depression in chronic conditions; fractures.

CPD exercise December 2009

15 Dec 2009Registered users

SLE, psoriatic arthritis, pericardial fat, aspirin, BPH, anxiety, alcohol consumption.

Practitioner CPD: July/August 2009

27 Aug 2009Paid-up subscribers

Test your knowledge on: juvenile idiopathic arthritis, diarrhoea and vomiting in children, metabolic syndrome and statins for primary prevention

Practitioner CPD: June 2009

01 Jun 2009Paid-up subscribers

Test your knowledge on: Anaphylaxis, cardiac rehabilitation, familial hypercholesterolaemia, back pain and NRT

Practitioner CPD: May 2009

21 May 2009Paid-up subscribers

Test your knowledge on: Lithium toxicity, schizophrenia, stroke, diagnosing depression, clinical reviews

CPD exercise: April 2009

25 Apr 2009Paid-up subscribers

Test your knowledge on: QDScore, CKD, haematuria and palliative care

Practitioner CPD: March 2009

29 Mar 2009Paid-up subscribers

Test your knowledge on: pelvic pain, infertility and rheumatoid arthritis

Practitioner CPD: February 2009

01 Feb 2009Paid-up subscribers

Test your knowledge on: prostate cancer, testicular lumps, angina, arrhythmias and heart rate

Practitioner CPD: January 2009

01 Jan 2009Paid-up subscribers

Test your knowledge on: physical activity in the elderly, Alzheimer's disease and shoulder pain