Keane MG. Hensher C, Pereira SP. Improving the identification and monitoring of cirrhosis. Practitioner 2016; 260(1798):25-29

Improving the identification and monitoring of cirrhosis

23 Nov 2016Pais-up subscribers

Morbidity and mortality associated with cirrhosis are on the increase. Cirrhosis generally results from chronic liver damage over many years. Common causes include: alcohol misuse, hepatitis B (± delta) and hepatitis C and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Patients with confirmed cirrhosis should be assessed for potential complications (ascites, encephalopathy, oesophageal varices or hepatocellular carcinoma). Reviewing cirrhotic patients regularly in primary care provides a valuable opportunity to ensure hepatocellular carcinoma and variceal surveillance is being undertaken and to give advice on losing weight or reducing alcohol intake.

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