Tidman ASM, Tidman MJ. Intense nocturnal itching should raise suspicion of scabies. Practitioner 2013;257 (1761):23-27

Intense nocturnal itching should raise suspicion of scabies

23 May 2013Pais-up subscribers

Scabies is spread by a mite transferring to the skin surface of an unaffected person, usually by skin to skin contact with an infested person, but occasionally via contaminated bed linen, clothes or towels. Patients with classical scabies usually present with an itchy non-specific rash. Often, the history alone can be virtually diagnostic. An intense itch, affecting all body regions except the head, typically worse at night, appearing to be out of proportion to the physical evidence, with a close contact also itching, should prompt serious consideration of scabies. The crusted variant of scabies may not be itchy. It is characterised by areas of dry, scaly, hyperkeratotic and crusted skin, particularly on the extremities.

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