Abdelaziz A, Robinson RE, Jones GH. Management of chronic mild to moderate asthma in adults. Practitioner October 2022;266(1862):22-26

Management of chronic mild to moderate asthma in adults

25 Oct 2022Pais-up subscribers

Although classically asthma is characterised by variable airflow obstruction and inflammation, leading to symptoms of breathlessness, wheeze, chest tightness and cough, it can present with a broad spectrum of symptoms that have a wide differential diagnosis. Clinical examination is frequently entirely normal and clinical history alone is not sufficient to diagnose asthma. There is over-reliance on short-acting beta-agonists and a widespread underuse of inhaled corticosteroids. In mild to moderate disease, fluctuating symptoms can lead to an over-reliance on short-acting reliever treatment at the expense of preventative inhaled steroids. This risks the concealment of deteriorating symptoms and the potential build-up of critical airways inflammation.

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