The Practitioner 2010;254 (1732): 12

Which antibiotic for patients with recurrent UTI?

21 Sep 2010Registered users

Antimicrobial sensitivity results from a previous infection are a useful guide to empirical treatment of re-infection, a study from Ireland has shown. The researchers aimed to analyse sensitivity patterns to identify predictive values of previous E. coli isolates for the treatment of re-infections in clinical practice. 'Resistance to nitrofurantoin was low in this sample, and even when detected was found to decay relatively quickly. This study would suggest that nitrofurantoin is now, therefore, a better choice of empirical antibiotic for UTI unless previous MSU results have suggested trimethoprim susceptibility (within the previous year). This is consistent with the latest guidelines from the Health Protection Agency (HPA), recommending the use of nitrofurantoin as first-line empirical antibiotic in UTI.'

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