Lockyer M. Can eating fruit prevent type 2 diabetes? Practitioner 201; 257 (1765):8-10

Can eating fruit prevent type 2 diabetes?

23 Oct 2013Registered users

A large study in the BMJ suggests that eating whole fruit may reduce the risk of diabetes, and that some specific fruits may be more protective than others, but that increased intake of fruit juices may raise the risk of developing the disease.This paper was based on data from three prospective cohort studies of American healthcare professionals. These studies followed the health outcomes of the study groups over many years, gathering detailed data about health and lifestyles. The Nurses’ Health Study (1984–2008) covering 66,105 women, the Nurses’ Health Study II (1991-2009), 85,104 women, and the Health Professionals Follow Up study (1986-2008), 36,173 men, together provided 3,464,641 person-years of follow-up.

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