Practitioner 2012; 256 (1747):12

Which women with GDM are at risk of future diabetes?

24 Jan 2012Pais-up subscribers

Impaired glucose tolerance, low HDL cholesterol and age > 35 were the strongest predictors of developing diabetes in women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), a study from Vienna has found. Commenting on the study, Dr Chris Barclay, GP with an interest in O&G, Suffolk, writes: ' The development of type 2 diabetes appears to be a continuously progressive process which can last for years or even decades. The metabolic stress of pregnancy appears to unmask this tendency temporarily, even though most women will become euglycaemic after delivery. The underlying metabolic disorder for many of these women will however continue to progress. GDM is an independent risk factor for diabetes. The opportunities for timely intervention and prevention here are obvious. Primary care is best placed to offer this help.'

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