Practitioner 2010 – 254 (1735): 12-14

Can statins offset the CVD risk associated with unhealthy eating?

20 Dec 2010Registered users

The relative risk of eating a high-fat, fast food meal may be able to be neutralised by taking a statin, according to researchers from Imperial College, London. The investigators compared the increase in relative risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) associated with the total and trans fat content of a fast food meal with the reduction in relative risk observed from a recent meta-analysis of seven primary prevention statin trials covering 42, 848 patients. The authors suggest that fast food restaurants could offer customers a statin to go with their meal. They hypothesise that the statin could be sprinkled onto quarter pounders, into milkshakes, or onto supersized French fries to offset the fat found in these fast food delights.

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