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Test of statistical symbols reproduction in letters section

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LIVE TEST of statistical fonts via home page contents grabber

NICE stipulates that two of the following are required for the diagnosis of hypertension: clinic blood pressure (BP) ≥ 140/90 mmHg and ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) daytime average or home BP monitoring (HBPM) average ≥ 135/85 mmHg. If BP measured in the clinic is ≥ 140/90 mmHg a second reading should be taken and a third if the second is substantially different from the first. The lower of the last two measurements should be recorded as the clinic BP. ABPM should be used to confirm diagnosis unless clinic BP is very high (≥ 180/120 mmHg). HBPM is an option if ABPM is unsuitable or not tolerated. Evaluation of newly diagnosed hypertension includes an assessment of underlying cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk and target organ damage. QRISK3 should be used to predict the 10-year risk of a CVD event. 

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire

22 Jan 2015Registered users

Primary and secondary care colleagues meeting to discuss topics, local patient pathways, significant events and altering ways of working can be immensely valuable, and delve deeper than just written words or PowerPoint presentations, argues GP Dr Nicole Howse.

Letters: Perineal tears, episiotomy and pelvic floor disorders

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Dr James Erskine, GP, Stockport, comments on the clinical review by Dr Chris Barclay in the May issue: Practitioner 2012:256 (1751);8

Were these doctors arrogant?

22 Jun 2011Registered users

Dr James Barbour, GP in Belfast, UK takes issue with Professor David Haslam, GP Ramsey, Cambs, Past President RCGP, and  President Elect BMA over his description of two doctors as arrogant in his May Haslam's view entitled ' Listen to your patients.' 

Letter: Let patients explain things in their own words

23 Mar 2011Registered users

GP Partner, Dr Julia Visick, Shrewsbury, UK comments on the article ‘Systematic approach needed to establish cause of vertigo' by Dr Ben Turner and Mr Nicholas Eynon-Lewis in the September issue (Practitioner 2010;254(1732):19-23), and the authors reply.


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Letter: Photoguide: Ganglion or myxoid cyst?

22 Mar 2011Registered users

 Dr Kevin Guinan,GP, Lache Health Centre, Chester, UK questions  author Dr Nigel Stollery on whether the picture in the photoguide in November 2010 is a myxoid cyst rather than a ganglion.


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Glad to be a 21st-century GP

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QRISK2 vs Framingham

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GPs are losing their core roles

10 Sep 2008Registered users

Letters. If some sort of catastrophe strikes the country in the near future, it is possible that there will be no local doctors, nurses or equipment capable of providing basic generalist care any more.

Contact tracing vital to prevent chlamydia reinfection

23 Jul 2008Registered users

Letters. The greatest risk of reinfection for the index case is from the current partner.

No easy way to identify aspirin resistance

23 Jul 2008Registered users

Letters. How do you determine if a patient is resistant to aspirin?