150 years ago: Insufficient food: an accidental cause of chorea. Practitioner June 2022;266(1859):30

150 years ago: Insufficient food: an accidental cause of chorea

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As starvation had had much to do with the precipitation, at least, of the chorea, so did generous food in hospital very quickly produce an impression both upon the choreic state and upon the mental condition. But she went back to her poverty-stricken home for two years, and at the end of that time was prematurely forced into the slavish toil of a maid-of-all-work in a small tradesman’s family. The consequence was very remarkable: she was observed to become somewhat fidgety in her movements and sly and furtive in her gestures; and before she was sixteen she had passed (without any full re-development of the choreic affection) successively through the stages of prostitution and of religious melancholia, in which latter she settled down: the youngest of such patients that I have seen.

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