150 years ago: Hypodermic injection of ergotin for haemoptysis. Practitioner October 2021;265(1852):29

150 years ago: Hypodermic injection of ergotin for haemoptysis

27 Oct 2021Registered users

A man aged 26 came under my care at the Hulme Dispensary on the 26 September, with severe haemoptysis, which had lasted  continuously for two days, although he was under medical treatment all the time. ... Injected five grains of ergotin in watery solution. Not a single bloody sputum followed the injection till the 28th, when, after a severe fit of coughing, he again began to spit blood. The injection was repeated, with the same result, viz. the abrupt cessation of the haemoptysis, which, however, probably owing to domestic inquietude, recurred on the night of the 29th, as I afterward learned, when his wife insisted on his leaving Manchester.

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