150 years ago: Case study of a man who can walk 1,200 miles in 30 days. Practitioner June 2021;265(1849):30

150 hundred years ago: Case study of a man who can walk 1,200 miles in 30 days

25 Jun 2021Registered users

Mr Weston is an extraordinary man. He has accomplished the most wonderful feats of endurance, always without having gone through a regular system of training. He walked, a few days ago from Portland to Chicago, a distance of about 1,200 miles in thirty consecutive days, resting four Sundays, and this in the early winter, through mud, rain, and snow; and he is apparently as well after such efforts as before. Mr Weston has an ill-judged contempt for training. He takes no regular exercise, and does not restrict his diet before his greatest efforts. About a week after a hundred mile walk, he walked fifty miles in less than 10 hours. The night before the attempt, at 2 A.M., he was eating pork and beans preparatory to going to bed.

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