150 years ago: Eye sequelae of small-pox. Practitioner March 2021;265(1846):29

150 years ago: Eye sequelae of small-pox

22 Mar 2021Registered users

Her brother, a seaman, had small-pox when he was four years of age; he had not been vaccinated. A brother-in-law had small-pox three months ago – i.e. at the same time as Rosina T. and died of it. He was said to have been ‘stone-blind’ three days before he died. .... The case illustrates well the protracted  nature of keratitis following small-pox; and the family history is extremely interesting as a proof of the danger of neglecting vaccination and of the protective qualities of the operation, should any further proof be wanting of so well-established a fact in therapeutics.

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