One hundred and fifty years ago: The bygone blood and iron school of therapeutics.The Practitioner January 2021;265(1844):30

150 years ago: The bygone blood and iron school of therapeutics

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Book review: Fleetwood Churchill, M.D.. The diseases of children. Third Edition. Dublin: Fannin and Co. London: Longmans, 1870

That Dr Churchill is a learned man, in the sense of  having read pretty nearly everything by writers on children’s diseases who flourished not later than twenty or twenty-five years ago we do not deny. But of the larger part of recent pathology and therapeutics he is apparently ignorant; and he has thought fit to republish his work as a text-book applicable to the present time. It is certainly the duty of a reviewer to show how little it possesses any claim to be so regarded. We have seldom seen a book more unfit to be taken as a guide for practice.

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