Extracts from British and foreign journals - 1870. Practitioner October 2020;264(1841):29

Extracts from British and foreign journals - 1870

27 Oct 2020Registered users

Extraction of a pin from the urethra: M. Ticier reports a case in which a boy, aged 7,  introduced, at the encouragement of a school-fellow, a pin into his urethra. It slipped from his hand, and as usual retreated along the passage. 

A plan for reducing dislocation of the shoulder by Mr Lowe. 

On the therapeutic value of gastric juice: Signor Arturo Menzel supports the experiments and results of older experimenters in regard  to the value of gastric juice in cancerous tumours, and has collected a considerable number of cases in which it has been employed with advantage, either in true cancer or in lymphoma

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