A hundred and fifty years ago: Temporary loss of vision in scarlet fever. Practitioner September 2020;264(1840):27

150 years ago:Temporary loss of vision in scarlet fever

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Louisa M., aged 17 years, and living as servant in a gentleman’s family, at Wandsworth, where the mistress and a young child  had died from scarlatina, fell ill with the same complaint on December 27th, 1869. All were treated homoeopathically by the family attendant, and one week from commencement of fever Louisa M. was ordered out of bed, and, four days later, requested to take outdoor exercise. January 24th Awoke at 3 a.m. with violent fit of vomiting in the midst of which the sight of both eyes was entirely lost; nothing abnormal in external appearance of eye, except that the conjunctiva was congested; the pupils were slightly dilated, but acted well. Applied mustard poultices to nape of neck and behind both ears, applied blisters to both temples and slightly darkened the room.

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