150 years ago. Sur La Migraine by Dr Elizabeth Garrett. Practitioner April 2019;263(1825):29

150 years ago: Sur La Migraine by Dr Elizabeth Garrett

24 Apr 2019Registered users

IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE, in any case, to pass without notice so striking an event as the appearance of the inaugural treatise of the first lady - an English lady, moreover - who has ever passed through the formidable ordeal of the examination for the Paris doctorate of medicine. It is not the province of this journal to discuss medical politics, and we shall not pronounce any opinion as to the probability of lady doctors, in any considerable numbers, acquiring such a genuine knowledge of medical science as is displayed in Dr Garrett’s inaugural treatise; but we may at least say that we should personally be delighted to welcome as colleagues any number of ladies who should prove themselves to have mastered their profession as she has done.

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