150 years ago: Stimulant-narcotics in elderly persons. Practitioner Mar 2019;263(1824):29

150 years ago: Stimulant-narcotics in elderly persons

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THE LONG LEGAL CAREER of Sir Frederick Pollock was combined especially with a large amount of  scientific reading.  Favoured with an almost unbroken health, Sir F Pollock FRS has reached the great age of 86, yet still retains his mental energy and activity; while as regards physical status, with the exception of the inevitable decline of muscular energy, he at present scarcely betrays his age in any noticeable manner. About six years ago, however, he was led to adopt ether-inhalation by the occurrence of symptoms which were annoying, and had a chronic depressing tendency. Besides a certain  indefinable nervous malaise, he suffered specifically from gastric flatulence and painful spasm, occurring almost constantly during meals.

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