A hundred and fifty years ago: Delirium tremens treated by the spinal icebag. Practitioner July/Aug 2018;262(1817):29

150 years ago: Delirium tremens treated by the spinal icebag

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When admitted he was perspiring freely; his face and eyes were congested; his tongue moist, and coated with creamy fur; his pulse was slow, full, but very compressible, and his hands were tremulous.  For the last twenty years he had led an intemperate life, ‘and having become a tavern-keeper,’ he drank night and day for about six months, and had not ceased up to the time of his admission. He was treated successively by means of capsicum, tartar-emetic with opium every second hour, a stream of water directed from a height of some feet on his head, and an enema containing tincture of opium and tincture of bella donna. All the remedies tried have proved of no avail. ...

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