Sudden death: nervous system. Practitioner 2017;261(1801):30

Sudden death: Nervous system

22 Feb 2017Pais-up subscribers

The most difficult cases are those in which death is the result of shock, uncomplicated by any recognizable morbid condition. It is only when the circumstances attending the death are known, or can be deduced, that an opinion can be given that death resulted from shock. The regions with which this danger is associated are the genital organs, the upper part of the abdomen, as a result of pressure or a blow in the epigastrium, the throat, and the nose. The fatal knock-out blow in boxing is the most familiar example of sudden death resulting from a blow in the epigastrium. Cases of sudden death from shock due to manipulation of the female genital organs are rare, but I have seen several cases in which an attempt to induce abortion has led to death from shock.

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