A hundred years ago:Medical women and the War. Practitioner 2015;259(1779)29

Medical women and the War

23 Feb 2015Pais-up subscribers

WRITTEN IN 1915:While there has been a demand for medical women to take the place of medical men in every capacity, the larger proportion of the posts that have been offered to women are for newly-qualified or quite junior practitioners. There are practically none for the older and more experienced women doctors. The majority of members of the profession are willing for women to take their places as hospital residents or other appointments so as to release them for the front, but they will expect the women to give up their positions with smiling faces when they return at the end of the War. However, many will not return, and, consequently, the preservation of the health of the nation will tend to be more in the hands of women than was the case before the War.

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