A hundred years ago. The psychic factor in insomnia.Practitioner 2014 258 (1777):32-33

The psychic factor in insomnia

15 Dec 2014Pais-up subscribers

FROM THE PRACTITIONER 1914. In the process of analysing this case of insomnia, I discovered that several years before there had been a great intimacy between the patient and Mademoiselle X. The patient’s husband – the mildest of men – had grown uneasy about it, and refused to allow the friendship to go on. In his desire to do everything to render the proposed visit to Paris attractive, he had suggested staying in the house of Mademoiselle X, although he and his wife had never alluded to her for all these years. Instead of stimulating the patient’s recovery the opposite effect had been produced, because, in point of fact, the attachment had been a Lesbian one, and the whole complex was so painful that the patient shrank from the proposed awakening of the memory.

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