A hundred years Ago:Autotherapy in the prevention and cure of purulent infections.Practitioner 2014;258 (1774):34

Autotherapy in the prevention and cure of purulent infections

23 Sep 2014Pais-up subscribers

WRITTEN A HUNDRED YEARS AGO: I believe that spontaneous cure of an infectious disease is due to entrance into the blood-stream of the unmodified toxins, developed in the focus of infection. When this occurs the power of the blood-serum is raised, the activity of the leucocytes stimulated, with the resultant development of specific anti-bodies. In all acute infections, in which it is possible to obtain the toxins, a speedy cure may be expected. With few exceptions, all chronic infections are benefited more by the autotherapeutic remedy than by any other curative agent. Autotherapy is being used successfully by hundreds of physicians throughout the United States. A patient may abort infection by simply chewing his own blood dressings twice daily. This is a fact, and we cannot know too many facts.

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