A hundred years ago: X-rays for severe menstrual pain and excessive bleeding. Practitioner 2014;258 (1771):34

X-rays for severe menstrual pain and excessive bleeding

22 May 2014Pais-up subscribers

A HUNDRED YEARS AGO: When I saw her, at the beginning of 1912, she was very pallid and weak, and was obliged to spend ten days out of every month in bed. Even during the intervening time, she was by no means altogether free from haemorrhage. Her doctor informed me that there was absolutely nothing to be made out by physical examination. Six months later, on enquiry, I learned that she continued in perfect health, despite the fact that she had plunged into a whirl of social excitements; joys which had been altogether forbidden to her for more than a year previous to her treatment. Applied in the precise manner I do it, X-rays, should they fail to do good cannot possibly do harm.

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