A hundred years ago: Minor accidents in general practice. Practitioner 2012; 256 (1748):12

A hundred years ago: Minor accidents in general practice

25 Feb 2012Registered users

'IN ANY TOWN where there are works of any kind one is constantly seeing accidents of various degrees of severity. Minor accidents are common. These generally affect the fingers and toes and vary from simple contusions and scrapes to complete amputations. I write from Earlestown, Lancashire, and being surrounded by several large works a great number of minor accidents are met with in practice. During the last two years I have personally attended over 250, the number in one month reaching as high as 27. As it is of the first importance that a workman should have all his digits, it is of even greater importance that none of them should be stiff or useless, because then they are only in the way and had better be amputated...'

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