100 years ago: Sudden death by emotional shock. Practitioner November/December 2022;266(1863):31

100 years ago: Sudden death by emotional shock

20 Dec 2022Registered users

An event which might cause momentary anxiety to one individual may cause profound dread to another, and hence it is very difficult to state categorically that such and such an event could not possibly have led to the death of an individual. The emotions act very differently in different persons, and again in the same person they act dissimilarly at different times. A healthy woman who was brushing her teeth accidentally swallowed a mouthful of harmless mouth-wash, and died from fright, under the belief that it was poisonous. The bursting into her bedroom in the middle of the night by an insane Irishman in a state of nudity caused the death of a healthy woman of 48 years. 

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