100 years ago: Prognosis in high blood pressure II. Practitioner October 2021;265(1852):30

100 years ago: Prognosis in high blood pressure II

27 Oct 2021Registered users

The following are typical cases of high blood pressure that if one was to go on what one observed at the primary interview, a grave error in prognosis must inevitably result. ..... One patient, aged 39, was seen last year. She  complained mostly of headaches, easy fatigue and shortness of breath. Pressure 160 for some time. Through lack of servants during the war, the strain of many air-raids, much pain from severe haemorrhoids, and a good deal of worry, this patient was nervously exhausted. The piles were removed, and the patient had three months’ rest in a nursing home. From that time the blood pressure has never risen above 130.

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