A hundred years ago: Medico-legal notes: Malingering ii. Practitioner April 2020;264(1836):29

100 years ago: Medico-legal notes: Malingering ii

23 Apr 2020Registered users

The case gave rise to some suspicion, it was referred to a medical man, who fearlessly  reported that the case was one of malingering; but his opinion was not acted upon, and A.E. for many months was paid compensation for right-sided “drop-wrist”. He appears to have been no mean actor, for whilst he simulated paralysis of the right wrist so well as to obtain weekly certificates of incapacity, he was actually engaged in giving performances as a professional strong man. Every night at a music hall, clad only in gorgeous harness, he lifted enormous weights. One of his demonstrations consisted in stiffening the muscles of the right forearm and wrist, and breaking with his right hand a thick strap which passed diagonally over from his right shoulder to his left hip!

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