100 years ago: Incontinence cured by electrical methods. Practitioner September 2019;263(1829):30

100 years ago: Incontinence cured by electrical methods

25 Sep 2019Registered users

About this time, it occurred to me that in children enuresis often ceases spontaneously about puberty – i.e., among other things coincidentally in the development of the prostate. I determined to stimulate this organ electrically in incontinent young men and chose a high-frequency condenser electrode for the purpose. It consisted of a small test tube, filled with water, and corked. Through the cork was thrust a stiff wire, having a loop on the outside for attachment to the lead from the solenoid. The test tube was vaselined and introduced about 2 to 3 inches into the rectum. It was then connected with the generator, and the high-frequency current turned on for 15 minutes. The treatment was given daily. An improvement in results was very soon evident. Cures rose from 25 to 60 per cent

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