100 years ago:Dreams and their value in treatment. Practitioner Feb 2019;263(1823):30

100 years ago: Dreams and their value in treatment

22 Feb 2019Registered users

THE TREATMENT OF WAR PSYCHONEUROSES by making the sufferer face his memories and grow accustomed to them is directly opposed to the old-fashioned plan of urging him to “forget all about it.” The men have almost invariably been trying to forget, and need lengthy argument before they are convinced that the opposite process will help them, but an intelligent patient who has been through the “cure” is often able to overcome their objections, and help them to recall memories with the result that the emotional effect of these disappears as the patients grow more familiar with them. There are degrees of “forgetting,” from a mere reluctance to think of terrifying episodes up to a complete amnesia, even for the whole of a man’s experience in France.

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