100 years ago: A living fish in the pharynx. Practitioner Sept 2018;262(1818):30

100 years ago: A living fish in the pharynx

24 Sep 2018Registered users

At noon of August 23, 1918, a group of people came to my clinic, carrying a boy, Aboudy Morsi by name, eight years of age, from Talkha, a town on the opposite side of the Damietta branch of the Nile. The boy was nearly dead. The people with him related to me that he was on the Nile, shore fishing. He caught, first, a small trout, which he carried between his teeth, while he had another in his hand.  The first fish glided into his pharynx and lodged there and he was asphyxiated. All this took place half an hour before I saw him.

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