A hundred years ago: Dreams 1: Dreams, insanity and fear. Practitioner 2017;261(1803):29

Dreams 1:Dreams, insanity and fear

24 Apr 2017Pais-up subscribers

IT MAY SEEM OUT OF PLACE that we should be discussing the realms of dreamland, whilst we are face to face with so grim a reality as a War for our very existence; a War which has so deeply affected the life of every individual in this country as well as within the Empire. But we may claim that the “Bowman” in the early days of the War laid particular emphasis upon dreams — for to these of our brave warriors appeared the “Angel of the Mons,” and the “unconscious mind” has thus been drawn, in literature at any rate, into the tragedies of the War. [Written in 1917 in The Practitioner

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