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Reading between the lines to make a diagnosis

15 Dec 2009

'He could have looked cross. Instead he just looked through me into the middle distance as his eyes very slowly filled with tears'

Mobiles have distanced GPs from the community

01 Oct 2009

The simple invention of the mobile phone changed forever the living arrangements and lifestyles of generations of doctors

Haslam's view: Our view of lives from the cradle to the grave

27 Aug 2009

'When, 20 years later, I saw him happy and healthy then I knew that particularly stressful day’s work had really been worthwhile.'

Haslam's view: 'But I always like to see you, doctor...'

01 Jun 2009

'Will we still have a system that allows patients and doctors to develop a long-term relationship, in which trust is paramount?'

Haslam's view: should we accept gifts from patients?

21 May 2009

'I was deeply touched...It was certainly very generous, but there was no way I could ever let on.'

Haslam's view: Moments when life changes forever

25 Apr 2009

'There are the occasions when you decide to visit, rather than advise, and realise how close you might have been to a major error.'

Haslam's view: Ask who Thelma is on day one

01 Feb 2009

'Maybe my patients pretend they know what I'm talking about on occasions too, without actually understanding a word.'


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