Practitioner 2010; 254 (1733):5

PSA at 60 may predict risk of death from prostate cancer

20 Oct 2010Pais-up subscribers

The debate on PSA screening to detect prostate cancer is ongoing. Two large studies published in 2009 gave an unclear message. The European ERSPC trial showed a significant reduction in prostate cancer mortality as a result of screening but with a significant risk of overtreatment in order to save lives (48 additional patients requiring treatment for each life saved). The American PLCO study showed no benefit from screening, but has been criticised for the large amount of PSA testing outside the study in the control arm, contaminating the results and potentially diluting any benefit.A meta-analysis incorporating these two studies and four other randomised controlled trials (a total of 387,286 men), published in the BMJ, has examined the overall evidence for PSA screening. [With external links to current evidence and summaries]

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